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Everything But The Girl has worn several musical guises during their 15-year career. But one thing
has remained constant - a strong dedication to infectious songwriting craft. From the bossa nova pop
of their debut album "Eden" to the drum n' bass infused 1996's "Walking Wounded,” their distinctive
sense of melody has always shined through.

This dedication is what inspired Soft News front man Erik Laroi to re-interpret four tracks from the late 90s - to strip them of their electronica production and highlight the melancholy that brims at the surface of these songs with lush, neo-romantic arrangement.

Laroi started the project with just his voice and an acoustic guitar. Collaborator Charles Newman
(The Magnetic Fields, The Bones of J.R. Jones) then took his simple recordings and re-arranged them
for a string quartet, bringing these pop compositions into the classical realm.

Featuring cellist Garo Yellin (Sturgill Simpson, David Byrne), violinist Claudia Chopek (Father John
Misty, Moby), and violist Gillian Gallagher (Mark O'Connor, Gabriel Kahane).

With backing vocals from Lorraine Lelis (Mahogany, Aarktica, Portal), the male-female exchanges
become a harmonic push and pull that accentuate the theme of trying to find love in London's late 90s
club scene.

"The Only Way Out Is Down," is being released worldwide on June 30th.