Over the past 8 years, NYC-based musician Erik Laroi, recording under the moniker Soft News, has dedicated himself to dramatically reimagining songs from an 80s childhood spent immersed in the alternative music scene of that era - a time when buying the latest albums from bands like The Smiths, R.E.M., Depeche Mode, and Sonic Youth required asking your parents to drive you 15 miles to a little record store so you could happily spend your saved-up allowance on one of these exquisite vinyl treasures. 

The guiding principle of the Soft News project has been to strip songs of their decade’s trademark glitter and bombast in favor of a sound that is intimate, exposed, and soothing.

Soft News has featured contributions from some amazing friends and musicians, including Charles Newman (The Magnetic Fields, Jon DeRosa), Lorraine Lelis (Aarktica, Mahogany), Claudia Chopek (Father John Misty), Margaret White (Sparklehorse), Perry Serpa (TV On The Radio, The Sharp Things), and Mike Levey (Tito Puente, Mos Def).

Over the course of 8 releases on NYC-based indie label Mother West, Soft News has taken a decidedly grown-up approach to childhood nostalgia - resurrecting it to serenade the present.